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What We Have To Offer

  • Initial safety/threat assessment, churches, businesses and schools
  • Explain the weaknesses and vulnerabilities
  • Assist in developing a safety/security team, and a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • Assist in the selection of candidates for the security team (Guidelines ands Questions)
  • Training the security team, ushers and greeters, armed and unarmed
  • Complete firearms training and qualification, utilizing our laser simulation equipment
  • Background checks
  • Legal training
  • Selecting the proper equipment, radios and needed security equipment
  • Enhanced security training, FireArm Training Simulator, laser training scenarios, judgmental
  • Customized training packages upon request
  • Basic firearms and safety training (Classroom + Simulator)
  • Personal safety/security training for home, business and travel
  • Conduct confidential internal investigations