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About Us

ESS has one common goal, to train security teams and individuals to protect themselves and those they serve.

ESS owners and instructors are all Christians and all have an innate desire to serve and protect the citizens in their peaceful endeavors.  We believe that people have the right to gather peacefully to worship, to seek education, to work to provide for their families.  In today’s world random acts of violence have become commonplace.  Locations like churches, schools, workplaces and social gathering have become targets by evil deranged people with a variety of motives.

ESS was formed to help citizens learn to protect themselves in all places.  We want to



Tom Taylor

Tom is the co-owner of ESS.  He retired from the Alabama State Troopers as the Commander of the Executive Security Unit responsible for the personal security of the sitting Governor, as well as all State Constitutional Officers. Tom has 29 years of active service in law enforcement He also was responsible for the security of visiting dignitaries, working with US Secret Service, US State Department, US Capital Police and others.  Among his responsibilities, Tom was charged with the physical security of the State Capital complex. Tom’s desire is to train security teams and individuals to be able to protect themselves and others.

Jeff Bennett

Jeff is the ESSCERTIFIED Administrator and responsible for the daily operation and training schedule of the company.  Jeff is a 25 year veteran of the Huntsville Police Department where he served as an undercover agent, vice and narcotics, investigator ,defensive tactics instructor, Firearms instructor,and training adviser at the Huntsville Police Academy.  Jeff is currently the bi-vocational Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church.  

Chuck Crabtree

Chuck is retired from Huntsville Police Department where he worked vice and narcotics, and as an Investigator.  Chuck is the ESSCERTIFIED IT person who handles the computer issues and is a FireArms Training Simulator Operations specialist. Chuck retired with 25 years of active service.

Phillip Patterson

Phillip is an ESSCERTIFIED instructor with expertise in facility assessment and threat assessment.  Phillip retired from TVA Police as a Captain and was charged with the critical responsibility of protecting TVA properties across the Southeast from any type of intrusion or damage. During his career Phillip worked in six different states.  Phillip is a graduate of FBI academy and is trained in many different disciplines.

Bill Courtney

Bill Courtney is a retired military veteran and law enforcement officer.  Bill served in Special Forces in numerous actions across the world.  Bill has expertise in firearms, security, threat assessment, facility assessment, and personal security.  Bill also is an ESSCERTIFIED  Firearms Training Simulator Specialist.

Kim Albright

Kim Albright is known throughout Northern Alabama and Southern Tennessee for his broadcasting reports of news and weather.  Kim has agreed to join our staff and is now the voice of Executive Security Service, LLC.